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Trees & Stumps Unlimited creates two types of mulch, which are stump grindings and wood chips.

Stump Grindings
Made from stump removal, is more of shaving as the wood is peeled away much like a wood chisel does and can make excellent natural wood-colored decorative mulch.

Color and consistency vary depending on the type of tree stump removed. Stump grinding can make a nice decorative mulch, as sometimes they have the look of a curved peeling with evident wood grain.

Wood chips
Made from our tree removal and tree trimming projects and are made from tree branches and tree limbs and brush under 6 inches in diameter that go through a wood chipper to reduce the volume of material to remove from the job site.

Color varies depending on the type of wood chipped. Chip characteristics vary depending on whether the wood was green or dead, hard, and dry.

Wood chips are excellent garden mulch to make plants thrive because the leaves and woods are already partially broken down and ready to return to the soil from which they came.

Reach Out to Us for Mulch Supply
We provide estimates with a face-to-face consultation. Mulch is subject to availability, depending on the current tree and/or stump removal projects.